Intelligent Systems Engineering Graduate Program

In an increasingly competitive global environment, computers are becoming vehicles used for creating intelligent solutions for business problems. From stock exchange forecasts to intelligent production control, from product ideas to strategic management, the importance of intelligent systems, which can analyze digital data and reach at reliable predictions, is becoming increasingly critical. Use of readily available data for decision support, using algorithmic techniques and engineering principles, creates novel and attractive research areas.

Intelligent Engineering Systems masters program has two pathways of “Intelligent Computational Systems” and ”Intelligent Production and Decision Systems”, and aims to provide an encompassing perspective an opportunities for application of software, algorithms, technologies and methods to create intelligent systems, to students graduated from engineering departments such as Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering Management Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering or related natural science departments, such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, etc.

Istanbul Bilgi University’s 2-year Master program on Intelligent Systems Engineering offers to students a wide range of courses that provide a solid theoretical foundation, a set of practical tools and projects that allow the understanding and the design of intelligent systems and services that fulfill the needs for a dynamic and ever-changing industry, and offer exciting opportunities for research.

Graduates of this master program are expected to build their career on consulting or research & development of intelligent systems in various markets. They can work either in private companies or continue as a research assistant.

You may also visit the curriculum and course descriptions at this site.